Monday, May 24, 2010

Must be losing taste buds...

I wanted a muffin. A hot fruity muffin. I didn't want to stop into Tim's because a) I would need to buy a coffee to go with it
b) I didn't have any cash
c) the calorie count is too high for 1 muffin

So I turned to the Internet. I found a recipe for quick low fat muffins, rummaged through the cupboards and found dried apricots and coconut to make them fruity and set to work.

The result, these cute looking little mini apricot and coconut muffins. No sooner had I pulled the muffins out of the oven, kiddo snuck up behind me and grabbed 3, one for her, one for her friend and one for husband, who were all outside cleaning the pool. Ignoring her theft, I continued what I was doing and put in the next set to bake.

I can hear the conversation outside...

"ohhh muffins"
"what kind are they?"
"I don't know, hot."

followed by....

"what is in these?"
"why do they taste like glue?"
"oh no, these are mommy's diet muffins."
"I think she must be losing her taste buds."
"daddy can you teach mommy how to cook?"

So. Muffins not a big hit. I just looked out the window, the pool is clean, but there are 3 muffins sitting on the diving board.

My taste buds must be shot, cause they taste good to me!


  1. Guess that means more for you!

  2. Haha That's funny My kids said the same thing to cookies I made a while ago!