Thursday, June 24, 2010


Does anyone else get spam that says nothing? No subject line, no text, no PFO, just a “from” address, nothing else? They’re very mysterious sorts of spam... a little foreboding. It’s kind of like getting an anonymous, wish you were here postcard in the mail, and you don't know anyone who is on vacation. They keep getting through my firewall thingy, and my junk filters. Every time I get another one in my inbox I can't help but wonder where they came from, like maybe someone is using them to spy on me, maybe they’re portals to another cyber universe, or an odd computer worm. I don’t know. But they kind of freak me out. I’m almost even superstitious about deleting them.... except the idea of leaving them there creeps me out more...


  1. Oh I've started getting those too - and I hate them! At least make an effort to sell me fake Viagra, or suggest a unique way to make millions by giving you my bank details!

    I just delete them right away and empty my deleted items box to well and truly get rid of the nasty little gits!