Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread near fail

Before I begin this tale, I would like to take an opportunity to state that I don't think I have done anything as frustrating. EVER.

I open the box and am immediately hit with the fact that its not a pre-built house. But, I think, how hard can it be, kids make these things at school.

Step 1 mix icing. Ok, that should be pretty simple. Nope! I added the exact amount the stupid instructions called for, it was the consistency of toothpaste. Just like toothpaste it dripped all over the place. This toothpaste did very little for the walls and they kept falling apart. Rather than tossing the whole thing in the garbage, I skipped a bunch of steps and iced the roof pieces. Then decided to take a break.

I guess taking a break is not allowed in gingerbread land, because by the time I went back into the kitchen, that stupid toothpaste icing had turned into cement. {insert a bunch of swearing here}

Husband heard the cursing, saw the mess and kicked me out of the kitchen.

Don't know how he did it, but about 20 minutes later, the house is done and kiddo is smiling!

Moral of the story... if you're making gingerbread house, make sure its pre-built, and don't let me touch it.


  1. Hey, ours always looks like it sits in the projects!

  2. I like that husband of yours.

    Were it me, I would've eaten all the ingredients before any building failure. What I'm trying to say is good effort! xo

  3. Well he did a good job with it at any rate. I've never even attempted making one. I know my limits. lol