Friday, December 17, 2010

I ain't streelish at all...

So... I may or may not have gone to all my exams looking like this.

I tell ya, the past 2 weeks of exams were brutal! Now its time to watch TV, catch up on some blogging and start Christmas shopping.


  1. Start Christmas shopping? It's the 17!!

    Good thing to know I'm not alone to be late -_-

  2. This is why ya gotta get that shopping done before halloween....
    Hope the exams went well!

  3. Congratulations on getting through. I'm sure you did well, since you're so smart.
    Happy pre-Christmas time. xo

  4. Now that is Stylin'! Peanuts pants and Batman shirt. That's a great combo.

    I've been out Christmas shopping three times and come back with nothing. There's just nowhere cool to shop at around here. I'm giving up and resorting to buying online.

  5. I bet you were actually one of the best dressed patients the doctors saw all day.