Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The letter Q


She's some queer hand, over there quat down by the side of the road. Makes me quamish just looking at her.


quamish {pronounced: KWAM - ish} - queasy or nauseated

quat {rhymes with not} - to crouch down

Queen's Birthday - May 24

queer hand - a person with an odd personality

quintal {pronounced: CANT - ull} - 112 pounds on uncured codfish. When cured the fish weighed approximately 110 pounds

In case you didn't see my update yesterday, I PASSED my Oral Skills Comprehensive Exam at the school, with a bunch of exrta marks to spare. Yeah ME!


  1. Ah..deep breath....good for you, I had no doubt.

    Other than quintal (which I doubt I will ever need) I knew what you were talking about today. I'm telling you, I'm getting on to this.

  2. ah, some new words to learn, thanks for the vocabulary update, Bay :)

  3. Oh, I love quamish! I might have to steal that.

  4. I've never heard of that word! Then again, there are many words I haven't heard of. *giggle*

  5. Congratulations on the exam!!! I knew you could do it!

  6. Congrats on passing your exam! Now you won't have to quat in shame! Heehee.

  7. The Queen's birthday is May 24th? I better get her a card. I forgot last year-I'll bet THAT'S why I didn't get an invitation to William's wedding!

  8. Congratulations on passing your exam! Thanks for visiting me! Julie

  9. As always intriguing words. Fancy quot being a word - just like squat eh?

    Congrats on passing your oral with marks to spare, clever girl!


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  10. Are you sure that's when the Queen's bday is? haha

  11. Hehehe...quat sounds vaguely naughty! Very creative Qday. And gratz on your exams!

  12. Congratulations on passing your exam!!!
    I think Newfoundlanders have more 'q' words than most. We're learning a lot !
    Thanks for your comments on my "Q" post. You like the Quaco Head Light do you? It's just outside of St. martin's, NB. Which one did you like the before or after?
    I do ship!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  13. It seems that posting several Q words in one post was popular today. I did it in one of mine too. Q words are fun!

    Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at:
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  14. The new vocab you introduce each day is amazing. Great news about the exam--even now at my age I get a little quamish.

  15. Thanks to everyone for the kind words! I've decided no more studying until after the Easter weekend, the back to it.

    @ Al if you overnight that card, you may still have a chance!
    @ copyboy yep, its her birthday, so we get a long weekend
    @ Kathy, the one with the digital magic is stunning, when I get through all this study stuff and get a job, you'll be hearing from me
    @ Susan you're never too young or old to be quamish

    don't know if anyone has figured it out yet, but most os the Newfoundland words are derived from an english or irish word for the same thing, you just have to use your imagination to figure it out

  16. Hi Baygirl .. love those - the quarmish .. good word to use .. and Quinta .. 50 in Portuguese .. is it I think!

    Queen's Birthday is today - she's 85 .. and it's the first time she's given out Royal Maundy Money on her birthday ..

    Love your words and their descriptions .. thanks .. cheers Hilary

  17. Quamish is another perfect word to describe what it means... Great posts!!!