Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lots of P's

Pitcher Plant

Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

- the innermost part of a lobster trap

partined off - divided by a wall or partition, partitioned

partridge berry - the mountain cranberry or lingon berry. These berries are very popular because of their abundance and have been made into jams for years, although it takes lots of sugar to make palatable, its a great accompaniment to turkey. pictured here

pease pudding - split yellow peas boiled in a cloth bag along with Jigg's dinner. Butter and pepper are added before served

pea soup fog - dense fog

peppermint knob - a hard peppermint flavoured candy produced in Newfoundland

perishing - very cold

periwinkle - a snail like saltwater mollusk, also referred to as a winkle

pick off - surprise

pinnicle - a jutting point on the top of an iceberg

piss pot - an impolite term for a chamber pot

pitcher plant - Although it was not declared the provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador until 1954, this strange plant appeared on the new Newfoundland penny during the late 1880s. The Pitcher Plant is found primarily in bogs and marshland throughout the province. It has one large wine-red flower with a red and gold centre and hollow pitcher-shaped leaves which are attached to the base of the stem. As an insectivorous plant, it feeds off the insects which become trapped inside the leaves when they fill with water. Pictured above.

plait - a length of hair that has been braided

plastered - drunk

pogey - employment insurance

poisoned - fed up

porch - a room on the main level of a house, usually at the rear, through which people enter and exit, and used for storage of items including firewood, and winter footwear

prate {rhymes with late} - talk

puffin - an auk with a brightly coloured beak inbreeding season. They breed in large colonies, nesting in burrows or crevices, they mate for life. With its orange beak and yellow bill, it is often called the parrot of the sea. Its black cape has also earned it the name 'parson bird'. It is Newfoundland's provincial bird. Interesting fact, puffins poop is orangish red (if you've ever gone a whale and bird tour, you have perhaps been used a puffin's target

punt - a small round bottomed boat between 20 and 25 feet in length that could be rowed, sailed or sculled

purity - Purity Factories is a Newfoundland company since 1924, they are the ones responsible for Peppermint Nobs, candy kisses, flavoured syrups, jam jams and hard bread.

*sorry no blurb today, just a huge assortment of P words. My mind is on a different P word... Pass! Its my big OSCE at school, the last hurdle before they let me graduate. Wish me luck (I need a minimum of 70%)

--> UPDATE--> finished my final Oral Skills Comprehensive Exam with my 70 + a bunch more marks to spare!! Now to get my drink on!! woot woot


  1. You can do it! I will be thinking Positive thoughts for you all day. Be sure to Post when you are done and let us know.

  2. When we lived in Iceland, we had the chance to see a lot of puffins (also saw them when we lived in Maine, although not as many). They have got to be some of the goofiest birds I have ever seen. Real pretty, but dumb as stumps.
    Good luck on your test. But.....what is OSCE?

  3. I love your 'P' words. It's nice to learn some new Newfoundland terms (a few we uses here in NB, too). I look forward to see what's next. Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting my site.
    Kathy @ Oak Lawn Images

  4. At last! I know what pease pudding is! Yeah! Thanks!

  5. Pease porrige hot, pease porrige cold. LOL. I never knew what it was. Your blog is definitely educational. And Puffins are beautiful. One of my favorite birds.

  6. Great P words! Happy graduation, in advance!

  7. Please as punch you posted plenty of "P" on this page.

  8. I feel like a hobbit with all these P words. Almost all of them sound like something out of a Tolkien book. Periwinkles rule!

  9. Fingers crossed and wishing you luck!

  10. Pancakes good-- pease pudding sounds totally disgusting.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  11. Heehee...I'm liking "poisoned"

  12. Love the assortment of P words....very informative! Congrats on passing your test!!

  13. Lovely P-words! Each of them conjured up an image for me (even piss pot, LOL).

    Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at:
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  14. Best of luck - and (following the update) Well Done!

    Pancake Tuesday - how I remember it growing up. The one day of the year we had pancakes. As kids we ate ourselves silly (pancakes sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice).


  15. thanks all for the well wishes! I am so happy to be done.

    @Arlee its actually quite good

    @Marlene, I'm poisoned quite a bit, husband often wonders why I'm not out yet

    @Marie Ann I hope the piss pot image was after it was dumped

    @KJM we used to put things in the pancakes, money, string etc each with a different meaning

    Periwinkles look like little blueish snails (very little) we used to sing to them as kids to try and get them to come out of their shells

  16. Great words, but more importantly...
    CONGRATS!!! Good job!