Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for...

T is for Tide pool

"There it is b'y. We spent all Tib's Eve out traipsing around all night with a bunch of Townies. We had some time, we were even did some twacking down on Water Street.

there it is - the truth

Tib's Eve - December 23rd (also called Tipsy Eve or Tip's Eve)

time - a social gathering or party

touton - A Newfoundland delicacy of fried bread dough. Bread dough is
fried in butter in a pancake type manner and then covered with butter and molasses Rock Recipes, has a great recipe here

townie - anyone who lives in St. John's

traipse - walk

trigger mitt - a wool mitten with a separate finger for pulling the trigger of a gun (also called finger mitt, trigger finger mitt, thumb glutton)

twack - to visit stores with no intention of buying anything

twenty sixer - a 26-oz bottle of an alcoholic beverage. Since conversion to the metric system its now 750ml or 26.4 0z

Moe if you're reading today, Happy Birthday!


  1. Twack....I love it. That's a keeper.

  2. I love a good tide pool. It can keep me entertained for hours--especially if there is a twenty-sixer near by.

  3. I love to "twack" although I never had a word for it. I do now. Thanks.
    What's a good word for setting all of Bed, Bath, and Beyond's egg timers to go off in 30 seconds and then beating feet out of the store before all the the racket?

  4. This touton sounds good. I'm going to have to try that recipe.

  5. That touton sounds amazing! Emmm, I want one! Twack was a new one for me. Great words!

  6. I love all the t-words!

    Touton sounds good . . . :)

  7. fantastic - so much detail in such a short stint! There's an award waiting for you over at Daily Dodo!
    Happy weekend

  8. Baygirl, I just had to stop by for a had been so long since I visited your blog and this month it has been even harder to get to my followers blogs. Thanks for the brief visit to your bay on the Tide pool!

  9. You taught me some new words. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  10. Tib's eve is a new one for me! Another reason to drink...
    Twack is what my wife seems to do when I (am forced) to go shopping with her!

  11. @ Betty - you're getting the hang of it

    @ mybabyjohn, Al, Marlene and Pat - I once told an out of provence friend I was forcing husband to go twacking with me, she thought it was something dirty

    @ TS, Bethany and golden Eagle, toutons are
    super yummy we have them at least once a month

    @ Laura thank you very much! my computer is in the shop and I'm bloggin via phone, I will be there as soon as I can

    @ Ms A, Alex, Chuck, Medeia -> Happy Easter, thank you for dropping by!

  12. Interesting stuff. I love bread and butter, so touton sounds lovely!

  13. Wonderful blog. I grew up in the Maritimes and worked a bit in Labrador City - Maritime words are similar to Newfie (can I use that label? Is it PC?) - but lots of Newfie words you mention I've not seen before. Love that Ugly Stick - might make one as I do experimental music and also sing the blues. By the way - thanks for dropping by for the A-Z. Col challenge, eh? A