Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 important lessons I have to teach my kid

1. How to make Mom's coffee in the morning.

2. Be goofy and outrageous. It's fun, most people aren't watching anyway, and the ones who do are mostly just envious. Or constipated.

3. There's just something special about a handwritten note, a smile and a thank you that goes a long way.

4. Running on vinyl flooring in wool socks and sliding equals breaking something or trip to the hospital.

5. Green vegetables are your friends. (except broccoli which is pure evil)

6. How not to felt wool sweaters. (as soon as I figure it out)

7. I don't care if you write a tell-all book about me since I'm already blogging it. (nice threat though)

8. Leaving the front door open while the air conditioner is on means we won't be going on vacation this summer.

9. Butter is worth the fat.

10. There will always be people who are worse at (or better at) something than you are, don't rub it in, what matters is that you are trying.

what lessons do you want to pass on?


  1. Number seven is awesome! I like broccoli though. And sliding on vinyl is pure Heaven for kids. (Some adults as well!)

  2. All good things! Although I'm a chronic slider on slippy floors myself.

  3. Sit in the sun, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, don't be afraid of dirt and earn your own way in life. Ant the big one, do no harm. Those would be my lessons.

  4. I've tried to teach mine not to indulge their Champagne tastes with a beer budget. I'm still trying and they are grown!

  5. I love that the number 1 thing is how to make you coffee. Though I love broccoli. I still childishly pretend to eat it like I'm a dinosaur devouring a tree.

  6. Broccoli is evil. Fiber is your friend. Learn how to spell everything - there may be a moment when spell check isn't there for you. And the bathroom floor is like ice when your feet are wet.

  7. Ouch to #8. That's pretty harsh but so is the A/C bill. So I'm not one to critique. It's a great list. (I'd substitute brussel sprouts for broccoli.)

  8. Love it! #3 is sooooo true. #8 is hysterical!

  9. Great lesson, except running on vinyl flooring in wool socks and sliding is just too fun.

  10. Love #2. I attempted to pass on, education = opportunity, don't short-change yourself.

  11. Hey there...just checking are very likely busy beyond belief...hoping everything is all right over there.