Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

How do you tell the most important
 woman in your life
what a difference she's made,
or how her voice has lifted your spirits
and given you the courage 
to keep going?

How do you find the words
to thank her for the sacrifices she's made-
the ones you know about
and the ones you've never 
 been aware of-
or the countless times 
she's put your needs before her own?

There are no words 
to express how I feel about you mom.  
I hope you always know
how much I respect you,
I thank you
and I love you.
(even though I don't say it)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's, grandmother's, mother-in-laws, oma's, nan's granny's and mudder's.  
Especially my mom!


  1. That was wonderful. How do I let her know? I'll let her read this poem for one thing!
    And I do always try to tell her whenever we speak.

  2. The photo had me gripped tightly. Such a tender tribute.

  3. Beautiful job Bay Girl.

  4. Very nice post. Had a good day, but since I lost Mom 4 years ago it was a mixed feelings day.
    Making my way through the road trip link

    1. sorry to hear about your mom - glad you had a good day though

  5. This is such a beautiful tribute Bay Girl, your mother sounds like an amazing lady. Really hope that you had a great Mother's Day yourself as well, you're a wonderful mother too who deserves to be spoiled!

  6. That's a beautiful poem for a very special day.

  7. Great tribute to your mom. Sorry I missed this. Belated Happy Mother's Day!