Thursday, January 23, 2014

What do you need to be happy?

Last night was a regular evening.  I had just climbed off the hamster wheel and was guzzling a gallon of water when I staggered into the living room.  Sitting in her usual spot, caccooned in a blanket, watching the comedy network while simultaneously texting and petting the dog was kiddo; grinning.
She looked happy.  
As a teen if you asked me when I needed to be happy, I might have said something like new clothes, friends, a cool car and good marks.  In my 20s maybe the reply would have been a smaller butt, a good job, true love and money in the bank.  

Now, in my 30s I can say that what I need to be happy is, I need to be myself.
Not some version of me that is watered down by fear or expectations;  not what strangers want me to be.  not like someone on TV or in trashy magazines, not with a perfect past or everyone's approval, not with ideal circumstances or full control of my life, not with things I don't have, not with a stress-free, care-free life, not with mountains of money, not in a state of constant happiness.  Not with a perfect body.  

I am full or quirks and quarks; my right foot is a full size smaller than my left, my hair is peppered with grey, I am strangely susceptible to "brian freeze", I suffer from occasional short term memory loss, I have a strange fondness for Owls, I must finish a book once I start reading it, I routinely use quotes from books even if they are irrelevant, I have the attention span of a goldfish, I constantly worry about money, I mix by tea but not my coffee, I drink way to much wine, I don't know how to switch from the tv to the Wii, I love my kiddo more than anyone else in the world, I sometimes talk to myself out loud, I write lists for everything, I am happiest in my PJs, I love the smell of the woods during fall, I admore gummy bears, I have a quick temper, I don't forgive was easily as I should, I am obsessed with lululemon, I would do just about anything for my family, I have a potty mouth, I don't think before I speak, and sometimes I get confused if I said something out loud or just in my head.  I am not perfect.  

I am myself.  I am happy.

So, now let me ask, WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY? (take as long as you need to think).


  1. I like that! I am happy just being me as well. Just give me my faith and my wife and I'm a happy dude. Oh, and my guitar. And Hot Tamales. Lots.

  2. Peace and quiet, a good pen and a supply of paper, my blogging friends, stuff like that.

  3. I just need peace and quiet, my man, my dogs and boatloads of craft supplies. And I've always been me...never cared about what other people thought. I do my own thing.

  4. My husband, my cats (sometimes LOL), and my stuffed tiger Eddie.

  5. I love your answer and I am happy being me even though I can pinch 10 inches instead of 1, I grows fangs every month(PMS) but now it is more complicated with menopause crap. I overanalyze and am a worry wart. I love my family, my hubby, my furry friends. I get a kick out of watching baby animals and I love TV. I have a roof over my head and a good mind..I think. I have bad joints but it could always be worse. Have a fab day!

  6. The main thing that I need to be happy is an absence of major drama in my life. I've much too much of it. I need peace. I also need freedom. I pretty much have both of those things now and I really feel fortunate. I'm also fortunate that my wife feels the same way. That also really makes me happy.