Thursday, July 31, 2014

I conquered it!

Well I did it!  After years of saying I was going to, I finally did it!  I was one of nearly 4200 participants to battle the 27 degree temperatures with 80% humidity at 8:00am on  Sunday morning to battle the 10 mile race.

Walking up to the start corral I was shaking with nerves, the sea of brightly colored runners daunting.  I climbed over the rope and said greeted the runners around me (I babble when I'm nervous).  The gun sounded and we shuffled forward as a group waiting for the crowd to scatter a little before picking up pace.

Did I mention how hot it was?  By the time I hit the 2.5 mile water station I was parched!  But, I kept going, listening to the pounding of feet all around me. The experience was unreal - people on the side lines were cheering, spraying runners with personal hoses, handing out water soaked sponges and ice chips, candy and raisins.  I saw several signs along the route cheering people on, there was one lady about mile 5 who had a sign declaring "free hugs" and I needed one, so I stopped to hug her and cried a little.  I shed tears a couple times when complete strangers called out my name and shouted encouragement.

Coming around the final corner I could hear names of runners being called as they crossed the finish line and it seemed so far away, I could see anxious faces awaiting their family and friends, and I wanted my family.  I kept going.

Hearing my name comping over the speaker announcing that I had indeed do it, made me spill a few more tears.  Having a finisher's medal placed around my neck and hearing "good job" stopped the tear and elicited the biggest smile possible.  I did it!

it took me 2.14 hours but I DID IT! and will do it again :)

*up next - Commander Gander! and possibly the Huffin Puffin


  1. Congratulations!! So awesome the crowd was supportive.

  2. are an inspiration.

  3. Good for you! Congratulations! You did it!

  4. Congratulations!! Good for you. :)

  5. Forgot about that whole Celsius thing. I was confused when you said 27 degrees and hot! Ha!

    Congratulations on doing it! Great feeling, isn't it??

  6. Awesome job---Congratulations!!! I am very proud of my finisher's medal too and I hope to do it again next year!!!!!