Friday, January 9, 2015

Wanna try something new?

All week I'm being asked if I made any resolutions, and the answer is no.  When I decide to do something has to be because I want to, not because its the start of a new year, or its a new week or because someone asked me to, I have to want to succeed.  Countless times I've said "I'll start that diet on Monday" then Monday would roll around and something would come up, I'd get frustrated and swear I would start the following week... so resolutions are not my thing.  

BUT, I do like to try new things, sometimes hard things!  You just have to make the effort to make the time, turn off the tv and get out there, and not worry about looking foolish, easy peasy right?!

Want to try something, but not sure what - I have a list!

1.  Learn to play an instrument - did I mention I have new bodhran?!?!?!
2. Jump into the ocean.
3. Learn to say "I love you" in a foreign language. Practice on everyone.
4. Volunteer.  Animal Shelter, Food Bank, Race, Hospital
5. Spend the whole day snuggling in bed watching TV with the ones you love (preferably not ill)
6.  Complement a stranger. (It will make their day)
7. Go sledding.
8.  Make a scrapbook.
9. Cook an entire meal from scratch and have your friends over to enjoy it.
10. Adopt an endangered animal.
11. Create an online photo album so you can share picture with family and friends.
12. Try a subscription box!  (I am narrowing down which I'm gonna get)
13. Re-read your childhood favorite book.
14. Mail Valentines to your friends.
15. Go fishing.
16. Take a trip (come on seat sale)
17.  Build a giant sand castle.
20. Clean out your closet and donate everything you haven't worn in the past year to charity.
21. Grow a garden - flowers herbs, grass, whatever.
22. Learn sign language.
23. Forgive someone.
24. Donate blood (again)
25. Learn how to change a tire.
26. Blog.
27. Write a thank-you letter.
28. Unplug for a day - no cell phone, internet or tv.
29. Make an emergency kit for your car.
30. Vote.
31. Invite your friends over to play board games.
32. Take a scuba diving course (have the paperwork done)
33. Tell a stranger to have a nice day.
34. Go to a museum, movie theater or restaurant alone.  Enjoy your own company.
35. Eat lunch outdoors, pack a picnic, go to a park or sit out in the yard.
36. Invent your own cocktail, adorn it with umbrellas, stir sticks and edible glitter.
37. Shop locally.  Only buy items within a small radius of your home for an entire week, or month.
38. Let someone else order for you at a restaurant.
39. Read the community newsletter or noticeboards and find out whats on the go and get involved.
40. Watch a sunrise, sunset or both.
41. Blow bubbles.
42. Try a new look - a new hairstyle or clothes you wouldn't usually wear.
43. Bake a birthday or celebration cake for someone.
44. Learn to meditate, try yoga or pilates.
45. Look up your family tree, or ask relatives for their favorite memories of a loved one.
46. Get together with someone you haven't seen in while, or call them up and chat.
47. Make homemade bread.
48. Take your camera with you for the whole day and capture anything and everything.
49. Take a road trip without a set destination and see where you arrive.
50. Listen to a new genre of music and keep an open mind.
51. Clean up litter on a beach, in a park or your neighborhood.
52. Train for and complete a MARATHON (will happen this year!)

You never know you might just find something new you love :)



  1. Wow that's some bucket list! I'm impressed! I remember when I tried learning a new instrument - banjo. It was an epic fail. I was 32 and far too old to learn to read music. I practiced and at my second lesson I played the piece for my teacher and he told me I learned it upside and backwards. I never went back for a third lesson. lol

  2. I need a nap after reading that list lol.

  3. umm, what is a bodhran? I got a Ukulele for Christmas and I'm so excited I'm just off to my first lesson in a minute! I've never played anything in my life so it should be interesting!!! Good luck with your very long list!

  4. Blow bubbles - just not in the bathtub.
    Learn to play that instrument! Something very satisfying in creating music.

  5. Wow! Good for you on the marathon. You should be proud. I have done some things on this list. I wish I knew how to get an animal (dog) from Thailand. My friend is there during the winter and so many dogs and cats are wild there and not taken care of since they view them as just animals. So many have mange, fleas and other major issues. My friend took a photo of this one doggie on the beach. My heart goes out to this pup