Monday, February 16, 2015

Three halfs!

I trained, I ran, I finished. When I registered for the Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon, I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted to run in the snow, to stay outside my comfort zone, to do something hard, to scratch another new thing off my list.  

My December injury put me behind a few weeks in my training, the cold was horrible on my joints, my iphone would die from the cold temps I was running in, some days the ice snow on the road was too dangerous to be out in, it was hard to keep motivated, the day we were scheduled to drive to St. John's there was a snow storm, my knee was not 100%, it was hard, it was cold, it hurt....  the old me would have given up long ago, but the new me put her her head down and kept going. 

13.1 Miles, 21.09 Kilometers, 69,168 Feet, 23,065 Yards.  
Through the snow, through the pain.


I might not look the part, my finish times might not be pretty, but I will not be stopped.  I AM a RUNNER.

Thank you to husband and kiddo for their continuing support, for volunteering at another of my races, and handing me my water.  Thanks also to my brother in law Steve, who also injured ran with me.

This makes 1/2 marathon #3


  1. Congratulations! Wow, I bet that was painful on the lungs.


  2. Congratulations on another successful run through hardship and pain.

  3. Good for you! Congratulations! And to think I can't even barely take the dogs out to potty in this nonstop cold and snow.

  4. Wowzers! Congrats to you because it is so cold and must have been hard on your joints and your breathing. I am glad you didn't fall due to ice and snow. You should be very proud of yourself

  5. Congratulations!! You're brave, I don't think I could do that!

  6. You are hard core! I don't think I could have been out there like that. Great job and congratulations...