Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The adventures of Baygirl and the deathly looking hydrangea.

During our Girl Guide meeting last night, we went out the back enterance of the church to plant some pink tulip bulbs, as part of our Earth Day, community service, thank you to the church for letting us use their space. As I stepped out the back door, I nearly tripped over the compost bin. (note: I never claimed to be co-ordinated) Sitting on top of the compost bin there were 4 pots with very wilted, deathly looking plants. The three on top were stinky Easter Lillys beyond salvation, but on the bottom of the pile, I saw a little speck of blue. It was a very sickly looking blue hydrangea.

So I did what any not so sane, want to be gardener would do... I picked up the pot and gave it a gentle shake, and carried it over to my car. I took the foil off the bottom of her pot, filled the kitchen sink with water, and spent a good 15 minutes removing any dead leaves and telling Hydi that I intend to save her, not to give up yet!

This morning, when I walked into the kitchen I was greeted by Hydi's floral scent. She has perked up a little, and is now sitting on my front step. I'm going to bring her back inside for the night, and if she can pull it togeather, I will be planting her in the ground May 24 weekend.

Other news, I have a ton of sprouts! Green onion, parsley, cilantro, and dill pooked their little heads up out of the soil. Still awaiting the first signs of life from sunflower, tomato, pepper, chive, lavender, and the flowers... My bright blue spray painted pots will soon be filled with dirt and seedlings. YEAH

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  1. u must be giving ur local vegetable vendor a run for his