Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ask a bunch of questions, get a bunch of anwsers

So I've been getting this version of Have you Ever emailed to me a bunch lately, and I never reply, but I have nothing better to do today. So here we go... a bunch of questions, anwsered about me...

Have you ever called your boyfriend or girlfriend by the wrong name? - yes, more than once

Been skinny dipping? - too many times to count

Been arrested? - I've been taken in for questioning, but there were no cuffs involved

Have you ever cried in public and embarrassed yourself? - cried in public, yes, embarrassed myself not yet

Been to the E. R.? - a handful of times

Fallen in the pool? - yep, I've also been pushed into the pool

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? - do actor's on TV count?

Have you ever met a celebrity? - I worked at the stadium in NL for 6 years, so yes

Danced around in your underwear? - yes

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? - yep

Have you ever thought of something funny and started laughing out loud in the presence of others?- daily!

Have you ever kissed somebody by mistake? - yes, I also hold hands with random people in shopping malls because I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing

Have you ever laughed until tears came from your eyes? - last weekend

Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone? - sure have

Have you ever sprained your ankle/wrist? - sprain no... but I did tear the ligaments of my foot once

Have you ever written an article for a newspaper? - I've written letters of complaint, but they never did get published

Have you ever seen a car accident? - I've been in a car accident or 4, but never witnessed one

Have you ever called your school's principal? -prank called? Hell yes

Have you ever received more than 10 cards on Valentines day? - back in high school when I was cute

Have you ever been on the radio or television? - yep, during my former job

Have you ever ridden on an ostrich? A camel? A cow? - NO, but if I ever meet an ostrich or camel I will try

Have you ever picked you're nose in public? - what kind of question is this?

Have you ever shot a gun at a tree or a target? - I used to have a moose license (I like the idea of target practise, but will never shoot at an animal)

Have you ever played an instrument in public? - Yep, and it sounded like cats mating

Have you ever sung in public? - I have a bad habit of getting on stage with the band when I'm drinking

Have you ever given special nicknames to your pet that were completely different than their first given name? Tina Bean Roller Dog Stinky Pants

Have you ever hitchhiked? - yes, but only a round the Bay where I know everyone

Have you ever fainted? - is passed out drunk the same thing?

Have you ever walked into a lamppost? - and a glass door

Have you ever tried to eat food without first spitting out your chewing gum? - just to see what it would taste like

Have you ever called a 'he' she or a 'she' a 'he?' - everyone is misses or buddy

Bitten someone? - yes and they liked it

Been in a fist fight? - a few

Ever tripped up the stairs? - I never claimed to be co-ordinated

Ignored someone till they stopped talking to you for good? - kind of

Woken up screaming? - yes

Have you ever had a one night stand? - I pleed the 5th

Have you ever learned a second language? - not learned completely, but I can swear in sign language, russian, french, gaelic and dutch


  1. Your comment about grabbing the hands of strangers made me laugh... I am so much like that!

    One year, I flew to Calgary to visit my mom, and she picked me up at the airport. We were driving down the road for a while in the car... Suddenly, I realized I'd been massaging her leg because I'm so used to sitting with Danny in the car! How embarrassing! :D

  2. have you ever went to the gym wearing a rabbit dress and waved at a fat man exercising while eating cheetos?.. :P

  3. Hehe, at least it was her leg you were massaging!

    Husband does it on purpose, I swear he walks quickly through the isles of bright distractions in mid sentence just so he can hide on the other side of the rack while I snuggle up to a stanger. It makes him laugh watching the face of the stranger, and then mine when I note what I've done.