Sunday, May 2, 2010

I got mail!!

Well, technically I got it on Friday, but my daughter's babysitter "hid" it from me. I was arsing around this morning, looking for some text book or another, and I see a cardboard box wedges between the couch and bookcase... hummm that don't belong there. Knowing full well that mother's day is next week, I resist the urge to unearth the box immediately, instead I wander down to the family room and check on husband and kiddo. They're watching TV, the coast is clear.

I hurry up over the stairs and back to the box. Yank it out of its hiding spot, its addressed to me, which means fair game. I'm not having it sit in the corner a whole nother week. Mine, mine! Like a child at Christmas the box gets one, two shakes, then I'm face and eyes into it.

I got a care package! YEAH! I got 3 bottles of bakeapple jam, 1 bottle of partridge berry, a packet of savoury, and a little tub of gravy base.

So here I sit with the jar of jam on one side of me and a spoon in my mouth, trying to figure out how many calories are in bakeapple jam! At this point I don't think it really matters the jar is 1/2 gone, and I'm not sharing.

Just wish I found the box Friday, could of had some toutons with the jam.


  1. That's bad....and naughty. You spoiled their surprise!!!!! What was their expression like? Have they discovered that the jar is half empty?

  2. Would you mom considering adopting me?

  3. Oh cool. I'd kill for a care package that good.

  4. Mmmm, toutons! I was just thinking I should make some the other day. :)

    Ohhh, and I love homemade bakeapple jam! It's delish! I should con Danny's mom into making some for me this year, hee hee!

    Enjoy your present! If there's any left... :)