Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Honesty, not always the best policy...

Kiddo is attending the circus camp just down the road from my school this week, so we share the 25 minute drive each way. Yesterday morning's drive we argued over which radio station to listen to, what the hell do the 10 year olds of the world see in Justin Beiber? Cute, ummm hummm he looks like an eighteen year old girl! Talented, ummm hummm all I hear is high pitched whining! So, we decided to compromise, we would listen to "her" radio station on the way to camp, and we would listen to "my" radio station on the way home.

Husband, if you are reading this post, PLEASE STOP HERE.

So this morning, I stayed true to our deal, I turned on "her" radio station, and off we went. She's in the back seat bopping her head and singing along with the pop station (you know the station that plays music similar to the sounds of sneakers beating around the insides of a dryer), I'm cruising down the highway guzzling my travel mug of happy juice.

"Mom, you're passing a lot of cars." pipes the voice in the back seat.

"Ummmm Hummm..."

"Mom, that sign said 100, how come you're going faster? I think you should slow down."

No sooner are the words out of her mouth, when I see red and blue lights flashing behind me! Seriously???

The officer walks up to the car "Mam, do you know why I pulled you over?"

Me batting my eyes, "No, officer I don't."

Kiddo pipes up "I do. She was driving 130 and the sign only said 100, but she was only going fast because we made a deal to listen to my music on the way to circus camp and she wanted to get there as soon as possible so she could turn it off quicker."

CRAP! Ya had to tell the truth didn't you child? Tonight, mom is going to teach you how to lie, then she's going to teach you not to tell your fadder.


  1. OH! Mama! Busted! Time to put on some very, very , very SLOW music!!

    Good luck with the fadder.....

  2. Ha! Your having this much trouble with her at TEN?? Can't wait to see your blogs in another 2 years....should be good....
    When she is 12, you will be negotiating every single thing you do with her.

  3. Oh, goodness... you are going to have your hands full!

    Are serious about the speed limit being 100, or just exaggerating?

  4. If I was the cop I would of let you go because of the cute honestly of the kid.

  5. Yeah, I have my hands full with this one! I would have let me go too...

    Ms A, 100KM (not miles that would be awsome)

  6. That's so so funny, but I'm sorry about the ticket. I thought your daughter gave the offer a very justifiable reason for letting you off the hook.

  7. LOL. That's so funny and cute. Maybe, you should talk about the deal again.

  8. Great story! I'm hoping the speed was being measured in KPH and not MPH...

    from the mouths of babes!