Saturday, July 10, 2010

What do you mean it doesn't match?

Today I took kiddo shopping, her birthday is a few weeks away, and she is growing like a weed. As I wandered around in the clothing, two women of a certain age (I'm not saying old, just both of them had white hair, so they were that age) were leaving the dressing room, adjusting their clothes and hair. One says to the other. "I haven't had my clothes on and off so much since I was a teenager!" The 12 year old boy in me burst out laughing. I guess the sound of my giggling tipped them off, and she looked at me, then to her friend and said "Well! That's not what I meant...." Made my day!


Didn't manage to find anything for kiddo. Nothing was her "type of style". I have no idea what that means. She just took the dog for a walk wearing pajama bottoms, her swim shirt top and a knit bunny hat!

The neighbors expect nothing less from a kid of mine.


  1. That is too funny. Ah, those teen years.

  2. She's cute. She can totally make it work!

  3. That was funny. And she's looking cute in that outfit. I remember taking my dog for a walk in Pajamas.

  4. You kid has a great style, judging from that picture. I wish I had had one like hers when I was that young.

  5. She is a doll, who clearly has a bit of a devious side to her.
    I think "kind of style" just means wearing pajamas as if it's day wear.

  6. She is very cute...have fun with your teenager.
    Mine never came with an owner's manual.

  7. I love listening to other peoples conversations. You never know what you are going to hear.

    I wear the same outfit to walk the dogs too!! Except I have coo-lots on too.