Monday, August 30, 2010

More Vacay!

I'm up and on the go today, no longer smothering with the flu. Today's task involves sorting through aprox 600 pictures taken during my 18 day trip home and deciding which ones to develop, which ones to store on my digital frame and which ones are garbage. Here are a few of my favorites (for various reasons).

Alot of my time was spent on the beach.I love the waves crashing.

What you find on the beach.

The tide pools.

At times its so calm you forget its the ocean.

Sometimes you want to sit and take it all in.

Or play.

Either way its home.

It will always take my breath away.

My community was once known for its mining; fluorspar

and its fishing.

Up on the barrens you see a lot of pitcher plants.

And whore's eggs among the partridge berries.

But one of my other favorite spots in my fadder's cabin.

Let's not forget the moose!


  1. Great choices, especially the crashing surf and holding up the lighthouse!

  2. These are beautiful, serene pictures. I love your comments too.

  3. cool pics. I like the first one best.

    How come the plural of moose isn't meese? I mean the plural of goose is geese. It only makes sense.

  4. Never Newf without the mooses! Though, I'd never seen one until we drove through Gros Morne. :)

    Beautiful pictures! I love this place.

  5. Gorgeous pics!

    But um... I have to ask... what is a whore's egg??? I mean, I know *my* definition of the word 'whore' but I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply here (nor do they lay eggs). Fill me in please? :)

  6. Nic a whore's egg or cosey egg is slang for Sea Urcin. The Gulls drop thm on the marshes to crack them open