Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shopping with baygirl

Kiddo and I went on an excursion the grocery store this morning. We’re walking through the grocery store and I’m checking my list "Shampoo, garbage bags, sweet potatoes, binders; remind me to stop in the school supply area. Milk? Do we need milk?"

"Nope. There's milk home, but we need to go to the school supplies."

"Ok, school supplies and then we'll go."

We rush over to the school supplies area, grab 2 red binders and stand in the 16 items or less line when I catch a glimpse of the shopping cart in front of me. "Why do people assume that six cans of tuna count as one? There's about 30 things in her cart?”

“Sshhh, mom she’ll hear you.”



"I forgot something. Never mind, I don’t have time to go get it before its our turn. Come on."

"What did you forget?"

Without thinking, I answered, "Ground Round."

"I hate ground round! You've been sneaking pretend vegetarian meat into my food, mom that's GROSS! I'm telling dad and I’m not eating anything you cook again!”

FAIL for me.


  1. At my end, binders for The Daughter seem to be a perishable item. Every few weeks or so, she says she needs new ones. Crazy!

  2. Ha ha! Well, that's the way it goes sometimes, I guess. The ground round wins... this time.

  3. First of 16 items and less??!! Holly dolly! That's a lot of items :) We don't have that here. The cans count as one just cos at the register you press x6 and come on that won't take much time :D

    I'll eat whatever they refuse!! Fedex it, will ya?! Thanks in advance. Giggles.

    You've been tagged.