Monday, September 13, 2010

coco you're making me nuts

After clinic tonight I had to stop into the grocery store for some milk, and I decided I deserved a treat. So off to the produce section I went(I hate dieting!) It came down to dragon fruit, lychee, coconut or star fruit~ those fruit that are tasty but for some reason or other I never purchase. After much deliberation, coconut was the winner.

I get my coconut home and realize I have NO idea how to open it. On TV the just kind of hack the tops off with a machete, but I don't own a machete. I own a hammer and a screwdriver. See where this is going?

Screwdriver goes into one of the coconut's 'eyes', hammer wields up to knock the screwdriver. Swing. ^&*%#@! Hammer comes down on my thumb, coconut onto the floor, husband laughs.

Now, I recall the reason I don't buy coconuts on a regular basis. When the throbbing calms down and the cussing subsides I'm going after Mr Coconut with a saw, or a stick of dynamite! (unless husband cracks it first)


  1. This is very funny. Sounds like you should get ahold of a machete next time you want a coconut - or perhaps just crack it on hubby's head?!

  2. LOL! You can just push a skewer through the three holes and pour out the milk, but coconut is not my can chew on it all day, and then bits get stuck between your teeth!

    Sorry I've not been around, I didn't realise that you'd changed your name!

  3. I loves me some coconut milk....
    I think I'll have an almond joy...