Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The people that you meet...

These are the people in your neighborhood, your neighborhood, your neighborhood. These are the people in your neighborhood, they people that you meet when you're walking down the street, the people that you meet each day!!

I love my neighbors, brought kiddo home from her book club tonight and found squashes and zucchini on my front step. Now to figure out who left them there, was it Oscar, Grover, Snuffleupagus or Gordan? (yeah that was a Sesame Street reference, none of my neighbors are really named Snuffleupagus.)

I think I might have bumped into Howie Mandell tonight at the University, like literally nearly took him off his feet. Husband thinks I'm nuts, and since I had the encounter enroute to the bathroom, and I left my phone with husband at Tim Horton's, I didn't get a picture, BUT Howie was at the University doing a stand up show, so it could have been him. I know I almost took someone off their feet.


  1. If this guy was coming out of the bathroom, it probably was him. He's wildly ACD and germ phobic, and probably was washing his hands...

  2. That is very cool. Too bad you didn't get a picture of Howie. He's a very silly man. I think he's really short too, right?

    You do have good, healthy neighbors.

  3. You know he detests germs, right? Because of that encounter he might've been in the bathroom the rest of the night purelling himself all over.

  4. Curse the lack of cell phone!
    No Snuffy in your neighborhood? That's sad. Every neighborhood should have a Snuffy.