Monday, November 15, 2010

The centre of the universe

This scene takes place 7:45am this morning, we overslept and kiddo has a dentist appointment at 8:30. husband is in the shower, kiddo and I are in the kitchen.

Kiddo: I don’t want milk on my cereal.

Me: K (turning on the coffee perk, making sandwiches for lunch, grabbing and slicing fruit, dumping Cheerios into bowls, I start to pour milk into 2 of the 3 bowls)

Kiddo: Mom I said I don’t want milk!

Me: Umm this isn't yours, this one is your fadders and this one is mine. We have to eat breakfast too.

Kiddo: (grabbing the third bowl off the kitchen counter) Oh. I thought you were ruining my cereal.

Me: Wow! What do you think, the whole world revolves around you?

Kiddo: Um, no. The earth revolves around the world, but you and dad revolve around me.

YIKES! So this is what happens when you promise your pre-teen an omlette for breakfast, then sleep in and force her to eat cold cereal.


  1. I'm getting a crash course in pre-teen-dome just from your blog alone. Perhaps you're the Dr. Spock for the new decade. FYI...I take my cereal with OJ or Dr. Pepper.

  2. Oh, it gets better. I survived the teen years. (My teens are now 20 and almost 23.)

    Laughing my arse off at Copyboy's last sentence, though.

  3. How dare you?! *heavy sarcasm* (I have never met anyone as selfish as the two teens I currently live with and work for so I know what you are experiencing.)

  4. That is so cute. I can say this because I'm not the one she said that to. I might've poured milk over her head if I was. xo

  5. payback...
    They sure know how to push the buttons! We've gone through 5 of 'em...I'm proud to say I didn't kill a single one!