Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Could-a, should-a, would-a Wednesday


gone to the store to get some cleaning supplies to clean my nasty shower and mop my tea-spotted kitchen floor


paid some bills and worked on my nutrition assignment


gone to class, except its snowing out, and I didn't want my 25 minute drive to be a 50 minute drive

Instead, I...

- did a quick clean of the floor (let the dog lick up the tea)
- bugged kiddo
- didn't get out of bed until noon
- caught up on a bunch of blogs and found some new ones
- rewatched american psycho on netflix

I Love Snow Days!!


  1. i kinda miss snow days from when i lived in michigan. a perfectly valid reason to stay wrapped up in blankets all day blogging with coffee and chocolate. ^_^

  2. I finally realized that I don't need any particular reason to take a snow day, not even snow...

  3. Sounds like my average day, without the netflix. I get american psycho in other ways.

  4. Everyone needs a snow day now and then!

  5. Oh we all have days like these whether it snows or not!
    I have been so lazy at blogging lately, but other things to do, so I know how you feel!

    I must do some catching up with some blogs!

  6. I'd say you were productive. Reading blogs and watching Netflix are top priority for me. Who needs to pay bills anyway?

  7. Snowdays should be built into every work contract that has every existed. People like us who live in these climates deserve it!