Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mini Me

This afternoon I took a few hours and sorted some old pictures into albums, and gave them to kiddo to have a look while I went to prepare supper. I could hear her laughing in the living room as she gazed on the images of herself. A few minutes passed and she came into the kitchen.

"Mom, is bubble gum considered a toy? You know, because I get to play with it for a little while before you make me spit it out."

She's her mother's daughter alright!

This is the photo that sparked the question. She was 6 when it was taken.


  1. That picture is fantastic. Are you familiar with Jones Soda? That's the perfect kind of picture for one of their bottles.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking this would be a great photo for a bubblegum ad. Very cute. She looks determined.

  3. Of course when you spit it out, the bubble bursts.