Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I think I have a problem

Husband recently pointed out for the hundredth time that I may have a slight addiction to my iPhone. In an attempt to prove him wrong, I decided to jot down my google searches done only on my iPhone in a 24 hour period.

Coffee scented candles
How to knit?
Was Faust a real person?
My dog looks like a pile of legs
Spelling of "umlaut"
Do you inject crack?
Is Starbucks really getting a larger coffee?
I lost my hammer again, how can I find it?
Alive on Ten Legs
FLDS church hairstyle
How do you make fat free cheese?
Do people still believe in unicorns?
How to remove tiles from a bathroom floor
My dog ate a ______
What's in chutney?
Why is my husband annoying me?
Greatest thing made out of jello
Disgusting jello recipe
Where is Chuck Norris?
What is in jello?
Intervetion drinking game
How to make religious groups stop knocking on my door?
If I pretend not to be home will the religious groups go away?
Best iPhone app
How long after its expiry date is eggnog still good?

Ok, maybe I have a slight problem... what do you google?


  1. In that case, I may be addicted to my iPad...

  2. 'Tis ok....I'm addicted to my DROID. It's all good.

  3. Droid here, and I may also be addicted....

  4. Did you find out why hubs annoys you? Does it have anything to do with his pointing out your latest addiction?