Monday, July 11, 2011

2 points for husband

Husband and I went for a drive yesterday (an excuse to get out of the house and crank the air conditioner). I don’t know how it started, but somehow the following conversation happened:

Me: You’re lucky to have me.
Husband: Oh yeah, why now?
Me: Well, no one else would put up with you.
Husband: Really? I thought that was you?
Me: Nope! I'm perfect, I could have my choice of whoever I want.
Husband: So, what you're saying is that when we first met, I desperate but you weren't?
Me: Yep! that’s what I’m saying. No one else wanted you.
Husband: Well that explains everything!

Kiddo bust out laughing in the back seat, "2 points for Dad!"

Guess it backfired just a little.


  1. That's pretty darn funny! I'm guessing you are both pretty lucky! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Just a bit! Gotta love them.

  3. LOL you're both darn lucky. Who else would understand this conversation?

  4. Your points just come from other places! It doesn't mean he's winning.

  5. LOL! I just love random conversations like these:P

  6. Hello there
    I have a man like that - never know what direction his mind is going. Makes for fun exchanges at times:)
    I think you may like today's post over at my blog - but then you'll see them for yourself sometime soon
    Take care
    Still Waters

  7. LOL! Out of the mouths of babes.

  8. @ Pat - he's luckier than me

    @ mybabyjohn - brutally honest right?

    @ giggles - marriage does that to you LOL

    @ Alex - I'll get him next time

    @ Claudia - some times he suprises me

    @ Ms A - if he's smart he'll let me win

    @ nuschell - my whole life is a random convesation

    @ Cathy - sometimes I don't wanna know where his mind is going

    @ marlene - they are the only ones who can get away with it

    @ claire - a minor backfire!