Friday, August 26, 2011

guess where I am??

In Central Newfoundland, that's where!!

Good news: We made some headway with husband's house hunting trip and arrived on the island Tuesday past.

Bad news: our cell phone carrier does not work here! Depending on where we lay our heads we may or may not have WiFi. Bad news when your house is on the market in Ontario, and your relatives are all 4 hours away.

We're having a great time, there are currently 2 houses we like, and hope to view a second time tomorrow before placing a bid!

I'm back in Ontario September 1st, and I PROMISE I will catch up with all your blogs then (at the latest, would do it prior, but this post alone has taken over an hour to get done)


  1. You must be so excited to be back home. Here's hoping you find the house of your dreams.

  2. Good luck with your house hunting! I visited Newfoundland years ago and have fond memories of that beautiful trip -- loved the scenery and the hospitality.

  3. Have fun while your "home". Hope the weather clears up for ya. Good luck with the house hunting.
    Melissa D

  4. Enjoy your house hunting, awaiting the good news!