Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're getting somewhere, sort of

Who ever said selling your house is easy, should be hung up somewhere!

Monday marked our home inspection, nothing major (found a little bit of aluminum wiring) and some cosmetic issues. All in all, nothing to deter the sale.

Tuesday, well that was a different story. They came to inspect the pool - liner is in great shape, diving board, solar panel, pump, all good. Then comes a beep beep beep - we have a crack in the return line! They have to dig it up, to get us a real quote, and of course that comes with an hourly charge out rate. Gulp! Next comes the safety cover, as soon as they guys open the bag, out runs a pair of mice. Not good. There are little mouse sized holes all through it.

So, provided we get the return line fixed, the pool professionally winterized and the safety cover mended, the sale of our house will be finalized October 28.

Speaking of swimming, I have comprised a list:

Good Things To Swim In:
• MY Swimming Pool
• Wine
• Beers
• The Ocean
• Money (Just like Scrooge McDuck)
• Wine, did I say Wine?

I was going to say pudding, but enough pudding to swim in would be enough pudding to drown in.

Bad Things To Swim In:
• Vomit
• Unpaid Bills (Speaking from experience here)
• Mud
• Pumpkin Innards


  1. Wishing you will manage to sell it! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hope all goes well with the repair job. Swimming in pumpkin innards? Yuck yuck yuck.

  3. You have a really tough inspector. Cosmetic issues? They check your make-up??

  4. I'm with you on the unpaid bills. Hope things turn out for the best and that fixing the return line isn't too expensive.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. If you swim in a lot of wine, or beer, be sure to wear floaties, in case you pass out!

  6. oh, I dunno, pudding might be kinda nice :-)

  7. Sorry about the pool issues! Mean little mice.
    Don't try swimming in the wine and money at the same time - the bills will get soggy and drunk. Then again, so will you, at which point you won't care if the bills are wet.

  8. Hey, sounds like you're making progress - at least you got an offer and it looks pretty positive going ahead! So many people I know aren't even getting offers around you're one step ahead!

  9. Those are definitely some bad things to swim in. And I wish I could be swimming in money right now. Then maybe I could sell my house and move to where I'd be closer to my grandkids.

    Tossing It Out