Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What do they have in common?

Look carefully at the following characters....

Captain Hook - 1 handed pirate antagonist of Peter Pan.

Ned Flanders - Sickenly cheerful fundamentalist Christian, next door neighbor to Homer Simpson.

Sgt. Floyd Pepper - Bass player in the Muppet band 'Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem', a laid back character based on Pink Floyd and the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper.

Yosemite Sam - More moustache than face, longer than his arms, the only thing bigger would be his cowboy hat.

Mr Potato Head - the most popular vegetable toy in the world.


What do they all have in common? Lip Sweaters!

This is husband's second go at Movember, the month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues - specifically prostate and testicular cancer. A Mo Bro starts Movember – the month formerly known as November – clean shaven, and grows a moustache all month long, garnering support from friends and family.

I can't wait until shaving day!


  1. My family has a history of non-hairiness. Your husband is sporting more hair that I would after a month!

  2. I tried growing a mustache and beard, but all I ended looking like was Yassir Arafat (well, except for the being dead part).

  3. I love my son, but the half-beard thing he's sporting now - I just want it to go away.

  4. Don't like facial hair...just can't get past it.

  5. My husband can't not have a beard and mustache. There's no point in shaving it - it grows back instantly. Like Evan Almighty.

  6. I've been married to hubby for over 35 years and have never seen him without a mustache, except in old photos. I married that mustache. It came with the deal. However, mine didn't! Grrrrr!

  7. Never heard the term "lip sweater". I had a mustache for about forty years before I shaved it off last year. It had turned white and looked more like milk on my upper lip instead of a mustache. After I shaved it very few people noticed.

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  8. My husband grew face hair when he hit 50. Up to then, he had little success. I like it. In another few years, and with some more white hair, he could get gigs playing Santa.

  9. I'd like to shave mine off, but my wife is against it! Maybe she's trying to hide my face...

  10. @ Alex - non hairiness could be a good thing, think of all the $ you're saving on razors

    @ Al - well the being dead part is a huge distinguisher

    @ Li - hopefully its a phase

    @ mybabyjohn - I'm not a fan- he grows facial hair, I grow leg hair LOL

    @ Tonja - I'm giggling just from that image

    @ Ms A - at least you have the old photos

    @ Arlee Bird - few people noticed? really?

    @ Susan - could be a nice part time gig

    @ Pat - if the wife is happy, you're happy :)