Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I won't bore you with words, but I would like to show you the highlight of my Christmas...



  1. I love your sandy Christmas message....All the best in the New Year to you.

  2. Awesome photos. That Christmas message in the sand is particularly amazing, I do love it! Seems like a great Christmas.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I see the frozen ice, but just curious, what is the actual water temperature?

  4. I like that rock plant. Ohboy, what is that?

  5. Brrrrrr! Love the photos, hope you bundled up to take them, or you'll catch your death of cold!

  6. @ mybabyjohn - and all the best to you

    @ Yeamie - my first Christmas at home in 4 years

    @ Claire - if only I could have managed not to get foot prints all over the place

    @ K. Turley - COLD the air temperature was -1C the Atlantic ocean gets quite cold

    @ alex - there is snow everywhere here, or at least there was last week

    @ Claudia - happy new year

    @ Lost_without - its actually Kelep (sea weed) attached to a rock

    @ Mrs A - getting used to the cold again. It was -10C here yesterday

  7. Great photos! Snow at the beach? That is just so wrong...