Monday, June 25, 2012

Family, honor rolls and a 40 pound ice cube

Last weekend a lot happened in my family. My husband's uncle passed away, and my cousin was in a very serious motor vehicle accident in St. John's (she still remains in critical condition).

Kiddo finished exams on Tuesday and made the honor roll! I have no idea where the time went, she will be starting eighth grade in September.

Wednesday we headed into town to visit at the hospital and pick up my sister in law and drive her to St. Vincent's for the funeral.

St. Vincent's has no cell phone reception or wifi so we were pretty cut off for a few days. It did however give us a chance to reconnect with members of husband's family who live out of the provence, and to cross a few things off my summer bucket list.

Go whale watching - CHECK! We spent several hours sitting on the beach watching the whales, and even made friends with a couple of Swedish tourists who were there also.

Go on a random midnight walk - CHECK! Husband and I strolled back to the beach later the same night to hear the whales singing. (it was way too dark to take a picture)

Hang out with old friends - check! We had a wonderful evening at the Yellow Belly Brewery, where we sampled their different brews. (so I could cross off trying something new also)

Go to a pub - CHECK! After supper at the Yellow Belly we headed down on George Street to check out Middle Tickle who were playing at Shamrock City. (I didn't take any pictures inside the pub)

We also did a few things that wern't on my list....

We visited a mini village in St. Mary's.

We saw an ice berg in Ferryland

I got a 40 pound ice cube on the beach

I've gotten 4 novels on my reading list finished and I found out that I'm going to be a great-aunt!

Its been a busy week with its ups and downs.

Please keep my cousin in your thoughts and hope for a full recovery.


  1. Healing thoughts headed your cousins way from Ontario.
    How I wish you had recorded the whale song.

  2. What an intense time. Our best wishes for your cousin, a stressful time for the family. But to see whales, definitely on my bucket list.

  3. So sorry about your uncle! Prayers for your cousin.
    And that is one big chunk of ice.

  4. I am so sorry about your uncle and I hope your cousin makes a speedy and full recovery.

    OMG you saw and heard whales from the beach and saw an iceberg!!!! I so wanna see Newfoundland!!!

  5. My condolences for your husband's uncle and I'll keep your cousin in my thoughts and prayers.

    A WHALE... how awesome!!!

  6. The blonde on the right had a good looking porter in her glass at yello belly.
    Condolences on the uncle's passing.
    Congrats on making the honour roll.

  7. Condolences to your husband's family and healing thoughts to your cousin. So much going on around you. I"m glad to hear you had some positive and fun things also!

  8. My list for you:

    - sincere condolences to your husband and his family
    - lots of prayers for your cousin (may there be a speedy and full recovery)
    - BIG CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter on that honor roll. That is a huge deal!!!
    - I envy you on the whale deal---but at the same time I am happy for you (ha ha)
    - so nice to know you made some good memories this past week--Yellow Belly is awesome.
    - LOVE that ice cube!!

    Cheers (:

  9. sorry for your loss--i hope your cousin is doing better---my oldest grand-child will be going into the 8th grade as well----that was an interesting pic of the mini village---i am glad you did manage to re-connect with family