Sunday, March 28, 2010

to cheat, or not to cheat? that is my question

Sunday morning, crawl out of bed, push the button on the coffee perk, fip open my lap top and turn on Jiggs and Reels. Pretty typical right? NOPE!! I am now faced with temptation (is that coffee ready yet?!)

I hate anatomy!

Wait, prehaps I should rephrase that, anatomy hates me.

Anatomy is the one course that sucks my brain dry. After each lecture I leave with my brain in a stew. I spend countless hours coloring, palpating and trying to memorize muscles. For the work I put in, anatomy still illudes me.

My OSCE is scheduled for Wednesday, I am one of the last people to go. This semester we are responsible for the muscles of the leg, foot, pelvis and mastication... 93 muscles; origin, insertion, action and innervation. AHG (we pick a sheet with 11 muscles on it, and have 10 minutes to find it and tell everything about it)

So back to my temptaion, a girl in my class has been polling the people who have alreay done their OSCE, she has made a list of the 33 muscles that are on the OSCE. Now the ball is in my court.... DO I USE THE LIST?

I know, that I need to learn the material. I know that its unfair to everyone else who has already done theirs. I know that its the same as lying, I know it will leave me with guilty feeling. I also know I have 36 out of a possible 50 marks, and that if I take the help I can get enough marks to pass the course without doing the final....

Coffee time! I have to mull this one over....


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  2. I think the easiest way to answer your question is this - would you want a massage therapist working on you who had cheated on any of her evaluations?

  3. Nope! that is why I deleted the email... I want to be the best I can, and cheating is only hurting myself