Saturday, April 10, 2010

lowered expectaitions

I was planning on studying today,I really was!

Husband and kiddo left for guitar lessons, and I got at it. For nearly 2 hours, all I did was study. Then the ADD kicked in... could NOT sit still, at all. I started pacing around the room picking at anything and everything until they finally got home.

I wanted to go to my favorite antique store, just for an hour to clear my head.

It was beautiful today, and before I knew it we were driving through Niagara Falls. Not where I was intending to go at all. Then I was pulling into a store parking lot, and the voice in my head kept repeating "ok Dawn, what are you doing?"

I'm still not sure how it happened, but I bought 3 pairs of roller blades. Then insisted that we head to the church parking lot to try them out.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the wind was blowing through my hair, I was ever so graceful and the three of us had a wonderful time.

POP, there goes that bubble! It was more like this, the stupid wind nearly knocked me off my rollerblades, the birds were mocking me, husband who has never skated looked like a natural, kiddo was terrified, and my feet kept turning in. I ended up pulling off my blades and helping the kid.

Just as kiddo was starting to get the hang of it, she found the only rock on the parking lot, lost her balance and toppled to the ground, pulling me on top of her. Luckily she was wearing a helmet and pads and escaped uninjured, me on the other hand has 2 skinned out knees!

Tommorrow we try again. After I study and go to the antique store.


  1. Sorry about your knees and glad kiddo is okay. I haven't used rollerblades in years, sounds like fun though. Keep smiling :)

  2. Sounds like spontaneous fun. You're a good mommy. Sorry about your skinned knees, though. Tomorrow, try the knee pads too.