Friday, April 9, 2010

What kind of a day was it? ODD

Yep its been a queer one.

I had my orthopedic assessments OSCE this afternoon, so around 10:30 I started to school so I could meet up with a few classmates and practice my speil and go over how each condition presents, what special tests to do etc. Well, one of my youngies (cutie little girls in their early 20's) took my iPhone while I was not looking and started snapping random pictures and uploading them to facebook, all the pictures are of boobs and butts.

I did my OSCE and headed home. I got home, and listened to my messages "Dawn, its your mother, do you know there are inappropriate pictures on your facebook wall, I think you should remove them before your father sees them." Lovely, but I'm not removing them, instead I tagged them all.

Kiddo arrived home from school, and instead of filling me in on the events of her day, states that its snowing. Last weekend the weather was amazing. The tulips are up in my yard, people are wearing shorts, and its snowing.

Off I go to get husband. We stop in and rent a few movies, pick up a bottle of wine, and on the way home...

"Gobble Gobble!" I spotted a wild turkey just wandering across the middle of the road. I was so excited to see he wandering around I forgot what he was.

I'm chaulking it up to stress, finals started today and continue until next friday. I am trying to pack so much information in my little brain that all the regular stuff just falls out. Last semester I forgot what a watch was, I was in the store, pointing at my wrist, asking the sales lady where I could find the batteries for the round thing, that goes here and tells me what time it is. I never claimed to be sane.


  1. Oh, I hate when I forget simple words. I find that the more stressed I am, the worse it gets! Funny mental image of you in the store though, ha ha!

    Also...I love your new layout! :)

  2. I love your RAOK. So sweet. BTW, my sister's name is Dawn. It's a great name.