Saturday, April 17, 2010


OK, seems I really overloaded the brain this past week. I've been losing words all day. We're walking through the store, and I pipe up... "look this bottle shoots spaghetti". Spaghetti and confetti are two completely different things! Who knew?

I did manage to get the thrift store crossed off my list today, I brought a lovely red bowling ball named Rosemary, this ball won't be hitting any gutters, I also bought a bunch of clear glass gems. I plan to "change" her.

I did have the best belly laugh today I've had in years. A friend dropped over and we had a Wii marathon, it just got silly. Two grown women trying to take on a 10 year old. Kiddo won!

Also, bought a can of bright blue spray paint, no idea what I wanted it for but it was on my list. Hoping tomorrow I can think properly and make more sense of it all.


  1. I so believe that you had a great day!! learn to play on Wii properly!!

  2. Nice! That sounds like an awesome day. Especially the thrift part. :)