Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crafty me!

Husband and Kiddo think I'm off my rocker! The words are for the most part back in my head. Now I'm just forgetting big things. I stopped into wal-mart for some mulch and dirt, some glass gems for Rosemary and a few odds and ends. We got home and I couldn't find the glass gems, or half of my other purchases... turns out "safety dance" came on the radio while I was in wal-mart, I was so distracted by the tune I started dancing. Kiddo put her head down and hurried out of the store, Husband was carrying 2 bags of mulch, and I danced right out of the store, without my purchases.

After going back to wal-mart and retrieving my bags. I began rummaging through our recycling, and pulling out all the clamshell fruit containers, coffee cans, and even meat trays. Then spent an hour locked in the garage with a can of spray paint. After the containers dried I stabbed holes in their bottoms and began filling them with dirt, only to talk to each little seed as I tucked it in. I was only wishing them luck, and hoping they come out to play soon. (apparently not everyone does that).

We'll just blame it on my ADD.

This is Rosemary. Yesterday she was just a regular scratched up bowling ball. Today she is spectacular!

I'm so crafty! At some point this week I'm going back to the thrift store and searching out some kind of stand for her. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe a candle holder type of thing.

RAOK today: entertaining the staff at wal-mart with my absent minded dancing. Ok today's is lame, but they laughed!

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  1. Wicked job on Rosemary what a great decoration! You are crafty indeed. Keep it up :) By the way, I talk to my plants too, so don't worry.