Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puppy Juice?

Its been a busy week so far, I've had 1 written, an OSCE and I have another written tomorrow, so I've been neglecting the housework especially the grocery shopping. So when husband got off work we headed to the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping so I whiz around the outer perimeter methodically gathering up what it necessary before heading to the stop (I only buy what is on sale, and fresh so grocery shopping usually involves 3 stops to complete).

Somehow, we forgot milk so husband decides to run to the corner store. He arrives home with 2 bags and calls me into the kitchen to see what he bought...

milk - good this is what he went for
pomegranate juice - for me as a treat to quote "help with studying"?
yogurt - because it was on sale, and he forgot we just bought some
3 boxes of granola bars - because they looked good and he can take them to work

So the groceries are all put away, supper is done, the dishwasher is on and I'm enjoying my coffee before hitting the books for the night. Husband pokes his head around the corner "hon, is it ok if I have a glass of that fancy Pomeranian juice I just bought you?"

I'll be giggling all night!


  1. Let's hope he's not drinking THAT kind of "Pom" juice!

  2. I've had pomeranian juice b4, it tastes nothing like the actual dog. I prefer weiner dog juice.

  3. ummm so tried the dog too? did you grill it or just take a nibble right off the tail?