Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rant: unattended childern

I felt little guilty laughing at SOME of the signs posted below the first time I saw them, but seriously, how annoying is it when people leave their children unattended?

Husband, kiddo and I were out running errands. We were walking through the mall, and just outside the food court there were 2 Cretans running amuck, yelling, screaming, carrying on and climbing on the benches. The little buggers nearly tripped up an elderly man and I don't fully think it was an accident.

I’m not saying I'm for hover-parents, because that can be annoying too, but there is a difference between letting a child go free to discover their own world safely (emphasis on ’safely’) and being totally unaware of what your child is doing because the responsible (using this word lightly) person something more important to do, like I don't know gab on their call phone. Sometimes the line is very fine, but yeah, there is a difference. Don't even get me started about kids left unattended in a vehicle!

Ok, prehaps that last one was a little harsh... or was it?


  1. i like the espresso one. when i saw it in a coffee shop in mackinaw city it said "free kitten" though, instead. i had it in my head to try to disguise one of my friends as an unattended child, because who wouldn't want espresso and a kitten? ^_^

  2. Great signs! I usually give the wild ones, my evil eye (actually they are both evil) and they run screaming to mommy!

  3. I don't know about the donut one. Some parents might be too tempted, especially if they are chocolate donuts.

  4. I disagree, the last sign is the best! I love sausage.....