Friday, June 18, 2010

All I did was THINK about baking and look what happened!

A girl in my class gave me a recipe today, for what she is calling "the best chocolate banana bread ever", assuring me that there is no possible way I can mess it up if I follow the recipe and don't over beat anything. Since she was nice enough to hand write out the recipe on a pretty little card I told her I would try making it this weekend. So on the way home, I pull into the grocery shop and make sure I have everything I need.

I get home and....

the bananas have committed suicide! Just the thoughts of my baking with them, pushed them over the edge...


  1. Now that was a depressed banana! Poor thang.

  2. sorry, but i giggled hen i read this. but i'd be so bummed if i had banana bread on the brain and found out i was too late. this kinda happened to me though and i was still able to salvage some of the bananas.

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    thanks, Mr Monkey

  4. mmmm chocolate banana bread sounds so good

    visiting from nff

  5. Dont feel bad, not everyone is a great cook, but have many other excellent talents.