Monday, August 16, 2010

Newfoundland confessions

I don't know if its the salt air in my lungs, my family around, the fact that I haven't cooked since I got to Newfoundland, or just the shear pleasure of being home, but today I decided to dome something I haven't done in my 33 years! I made me some raisin tea buns.

I would like to take this opportunity, to make a confession... I DID have some help. Turns out that me mudder got a new stove since the last time I was here, and it also turns out that I do not know how to use the new one.

I followed the recipe to the letter, hit the timer and popped the buns in to cook. 10 minutes later my sister and her two kids arrive. "What are you at? You needs to turn ON the oven for stuff to cook."

20 minutes after me sister turned on the oven, they were cooked, and they were delish!


  1. LOL.
    I've done that. I once set a roast to cook and didn't realize I hadn't turned it on till two hours later.

  2. There's nothing like some hot buns! Sorry, I just had to say that.

  3. Wow, they look yummy! Send some over.

  4. Mmmmm, I love these! Danny's mom often has them on hand. Of course, they don't last long if I'm around. I like slathering them in butter, then microwaving them for a few seconds. :)