Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's with all the plastic?

For some reason, husband never carries cash. If we're out he'll give me this 'Dawn can you get this' look, which is fine, provided he hasn't raided my change purse and kiddo forgot to make her bed and therefore hasn't earned her allowance. Any given day of the week I can open his wallet to find a multitude of receipts for under two bucks.

Today on the way home from school/work, we pulled into the mall, I ran into Marks Work Warehouse to buy a new pair of scrub pants and he ran into Bulk Barn to get some salt. Husband got distracted, or lost his list, I'm not sure which and ended up with a bag full of assorted candies but no salt. SO we ducked in, grabbed a salt and headed to the cash.

The salt came to a whopping $1.73. We could probably find $1.73 just looking under the cushions of our couch, or in the car's ashtray. BUT, he never has cash. So he whipped out the credit card and I cringed. I rooted around in my purse and pulled out a toonie, which husband insisted he didn’t need. ”It’s faster just use my card!”


  1. That is rather embarrassing to pay for salt with plastic. Now, if it were chocolate, I could understand. But salt - ? It's just wrong.

  2. Yikes, the merchants must LOVE him, since they get dinged a percentage of every credit card transaction, (which is why so many of them have $10 minimums...even though it's actually against the law, so I've been told.)

  3. I usually carry just enough cash so that I don't have to use my debit or credit card for anything under $10.

  4. I'm with Alex...less than ten bucks, I'll pay cash. It seems like cash is harder to part with, because you see it disapear.