Friday, October 29, 2010

Come on Mudder where is your brain?

In an attempt to get out of the house this morning, I seem to have misplaced my brain!

Kiddo's lunch box contents:
thermos - check
miniature box of raisins - check
juice box - check
spoon - check
napkin - check
nutella and bread sticks - check
love you note - check

Out the door, off to school we go, not a second thought... until, I get home. I'm not even in though the door when kiddo meets me.

"Mom, my teacher sent you a note."
"What does it say?"
"Just that you're in trouble."
"Wait, a note from my school or yours?"
"What? Go get the note."

Kiddo thrusts an envelope in my direction. Apparently I messed up, nutella has nuts in it!

Peanut free school, I am SORRY! I DO know the difference, it won't happen again I promise. (thankfully kiddo is bright enough to not even open it)


  1. But it's hazelnutty goodness! If there are people allergic to Nutella, than truly they have a sad life. Someone needs to start a charity to help find a cure.

  2. The whole school is a peanut free zone? That is odd.

  3. The reason is, Alex, they are terrified of peanut allergies.
    Mr. Hendrik...Nutella is truely a food from Heaven!

  4. Well, who could blame you? I sure don't. Nutella's the best, and I wouldn't have ever thought that it contains nuts (even though I suppose I know it does).

  5. I would of never guess that nutella had nuts. That doesn't seem fair to the kids that love nuts. So I can't bring a PB&J sammich to school? That is whack. The allergic kids should eat in another lunchroom.