Sunday, October 3, 2010

A puzzling senerio

I wasn't in the mood to watch television last night so I picked up a puzzle, poured myself a cup of wine and cleared off the dining room table, then I tracked down the hammer and a pair of scissors.

When husband came upstairs to check on me, I was face and eyes into it.

Literally, he has lost track of time and I had fallen asleep. So this morning I plopped back down and finished the sucker off (the puzzle not the wine, that was long gone)

I might have used the hammer once or twice, but I didn't have to use the scissors once!

Notice how the box and the finished puzzle look nothing alike? Who's bright idea was that?!


  1. I think you may missed a piece. lol

  2. That's false advertising, if you ask me. Still, brilliant work on your part! I wouldn't have the patience or brain power.

  3. Yeah, that makes it certainly hammer worthy. Good job!!!

  4. Nice job! that looks like a hard one! It also made want some chocolate...

  5. ROFL...that would have driven me nutso!!! Wow - you did that quickly!

    Thank you for hopping over to my blog during the "Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop. Appreciate it!

  6. that puzzle looks pretty tasty. Did it taste good with your wine?