Friday, November 5, 2010

I ain't lion

The other day I lied . So now I'm owning up to it. I'm comming clean!

1) I WAS indeed kicked out of Peal Jam's sound check. They are one of my favorite bands, so when they showed up to preform at the stadium where I worked I made sure I was on the floor. It was heaven, until my boss walked by, and told me to get back to work.

2)I DID have stiches in my togue. Its my earlies memory of pain I was fal-pushed down a flight of stairs and my teeth went through my tongue, 4 stiches age 5. (I still grimace when I see someone with their tongue pierced.) For the record, I was sedated while they stitched it up.

3) I DID steal from a grocery store. ONCE. It was purely by accident I had a case of water under my cart and the sales lady didn't see it. I was out to the car and felt so badly, I marched back in and paid for it. (I grew up in a grocery store, and all I could think about was walking out of my dad's store and not paying.)

4)I CAN NOT fit an entire fudgesicle into my mouth at once, I have a terrible gag reflex, I can't even brush my teeth without gagging. But I'm sure it would make a great party trick if I could.

5)I DO make up words, all the time. Mostly it occurs when I'm frustrated or tired or bored, ok it happens a lot. I have invented some very interestinglike swear words.

6)I DO wander around my neighborhood in various stage of unkemptlessness; like my new word; I'm just more of a creature of comfort than fashion. I live in my pj pants.

So, if like TS you selected #4 as my fib then you were correct! I would like to tag Joe Cap, dbs, and Copyboy to play along. (I would tag TS too, but I know Robyn did that already).


  1. Well, I suppose fudgesicles are best enjoyed slowly - though I've never had the restraint myself. How does TS guess these? I never would've guessed that one. Good work, Baygirl.

  2. Thanks so much for gagging um i mean tagging me. Guess I'll have to think of a doozy.

  3. Thank your for the tag, that is great, because since I have been so 'dry' lately, this will give me something to blog about!
    You rock!

  4. Crap.....I totally thought the tongue thing was b.s.! OUCH!!! DOUBLE OUCH!!!!

  5. I wander around the neighborhood like that too! Cool!